Derxwna Kapsyla's Webzone This page is to serve as a directory for anything I've had my hands in over the millenia.
Use with extreme caution.

Game Projects:
Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version (Stalled development, Demo 6)
Touhou Puppet Play ~ The Mansion of Mystery (Complete, V1.1) [External: Mega]
Touhou Kinryoushi Tousou ~ The War of the Rice (Inactive) [External: ModDB]
Pokemon: Yitria Resurrection (Not started)

Special Projects:
Touhoumon Essentials for RPG Maker XP (Symbyotic Development, Ver. 1) [External: Pokecommunity]
Shin Gyakuten Touhou - PyWright Port ("Complete", first case only) [External: Court Record Forums]
Terraria Wavebanks (Command & Conquer, Final Fantasy XIV) (Updated to Version 1.3.5) [External: Terraria Forums]

Other Stuff:
Original Character Art (nsfw warning)

Places I can be found:
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